Train the Trainer

Gehegan & Associates has been teaching their innovative and highly interactive training programs to banks and financial institutions for over 30 years. These programs have been conducted domestically and internationally helping tens of thousands bank officers and sales representatives become more successful and effective in the most critical skill in the sales process: prospecting!

Now, for the first time, your group of trainers can bring these winning and proven programs directly to your team utilizing the Gehegan Train the Trainer program.Our senior Gehegan Instructors will certify your designated trainers to teach our highly effective Relationship Calling™ Workshop and Business Calling™ Workshop.

The Gehegan Train the Trainer program involves:

  • Trainer observation of Gehegan Senior Instructor facilitating a workshop!
  • A one-day Train the Trainer workshop!
  • A week of trainer study and teach preparation!
  • A certification exam with trainer teaching selections of the workshop!

The Gehegan Train the Trainer program provides:

  • Observation opportunity to see live class instruction!
  • One on one mentoring and coaching on Gehegan Workshop facilitation!
  • An in-depth Teacher’s Facilitation Guidebook with all instruction materials!
  • An instructional DVD of all of the facilitation procedures for the Teacher!

Most of our clients have made a substantial investment in product knowledge and sales skills training focusing on how to conduct an effective meeting when they are face to face with their customer or prospect.

What happens if they lack the skill of using the telephone in an effective and efficient manner to obtain an appointment?

If you increase their success rate of actually getting in front of them, then your investment in sales and product training returns an even greater dividend!

Please contact us today and let us show you the dramatic difference this training can make with your bank officers or sales teams.

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