Effective & Valuable Programs

Looking for results? Our programs typically produce between 30 – 40% appointment-to-contact ratio during our live calling exercise. Over 1,000 of Citibank’s New York-based branch managers and CSRs were trained in 1993 to set appointments with existing clients to discuss bank products and services they may not be using. In addition, these officers set appointments for clients to meet with investments counselors at the branch to discuss various investment products. The measured results attributed to this training program from just one month of training were tremendous – over $12 million in new business, $7 million of it in fee income-based products! Our results speak for themselves.

``I have been in banking more than 25 years....one of the only training programs I actually remember and used daily.`` John and his ``hands on`` trainers model their techniques ``live`` with real customers/prospects... no other trainers do that. Using the techniques learned in the training has taken the fear out of cold calling.

-Peter Appello, National Small Business Banking and Investment Sales Executive, Capital One Bank

John Gehegan brings tremendous value to an organization with his teleconsulting training. I greatly value John's ability to bring both strong curriculum and outstanding facilitation to the classroom. John consistently gets outstanding reviews from his class participants, and the success they enjoy after attending his class further demonstrates the value they derive from attending. I count his training among the best I've seen!

-Dan Bailey, Executive Vice President, Tri Counties Bank

Many thanks for delivering such an outstanding telephone skills training program to over 1,200 financial service representatives, financial services managers and branch managers. The feedback I have had from all involved has been absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend this program to any financial institution seeking to give their employees the skills they need to be more confident and effective using the telephone to pursue new business and to expand relationships with their existing client base.

- Jaynie Studenmund, Executive Vice President

As CEO of TeleCheck I used John Gehegan to train over 800 of our sales and customer service professionals in setting appointments. What John accomplished in his training, was to get our people to say the words over the phone that made more confident and effective. This training produced immediate results and was by far one of the best investments we made.

-Steve Shaper,CEO,Middlemarch Capital Corp.

Relationship Calling is a critical part of our business success. John's proven methods of call preparation and execution have helped our bankers build deeper and more valuable relationships with our clients.

-Michael Vantrease,Learning and Development Manager, Bank of West

As a Business Banking Manager, I have worked with John Gehegan and have used his appointment setting techniques for almost 20 years. The tools he provides are the best I have ever used. Any banker responsible for business development should consider incorporating John's approach into their sales process. It is the best training I have ever paid for.

-Robert Phillipps, Business Banking Executive, Glendale,CA

You've probably received hordes of nice compliments on your training by now but I thought you would be interested in seeing my results. Last week we had 12 appointments and 9 sales: $115,000 in annuities and $40,000 in mutual funds. John, as my own staff members can attest to, your training has really motivated me to lead by example and continually coach my staff. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.

- Paul Shen, Branch Manager

Kudos to you for the excellent workshops you delivered for our commercial calling officers. I can tell you from experience this is a group that is not easily impressed. Your unique presentation style certainly kept their attention. We have seen a substantial increase in activity since the workshop, not only in terms of appointments, but new loan requests as well.

- Raymond Parker, Executive Vice President

I wanted to write you personally and let you know of the impact you had on our people attending your recent Telephone Appointment Training. To put it frankly, you totally blew everyone away! Even our most seasoned investment officers came away saying that it was the very best and most practical training that they have ever had.

Additionally, I was particularly impressed by the extra time you spent in preparation for our training. Understanding our needs and specifically catering the presentation for our staff made a significant difference in the effectiveness of the training.

- Rick Burrows, Director Investment Sales

As far as use in the field, we have secured 10 to 15 clients since your seminar, mostly as a result of techniques used while employing your system. The system does work.

- James A. Alexander, President and CEO

The account officers that participated in your seminar, including myself, are already producing more appointments as a result of employing your techniques.

- Paul B. Lindsay, Vice President

My cold call last week resulted in the receipt of a full loan request. Thanks for an excellent training session.

- Jean Marcuzzo, Loan Officer

I liked the telephone cold calling exercises. The bank doesn't offer much training in this and it is much needed!

- Susan Klees, Account Executive

Everyone that had the opportunity to attend commented on the relevance and practicality of the content and process of the program. In fact the success of this program was evident immediately, when two of our lender trainees were able to obtain client appointments.

- Ellen Faitelson, Training Manager

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful, and I mean wonderful, presentation that you gave. I have never really looked forward to telemarketing my clients in the past, and now feel more comfortable than I have in a long time. Thanks for the new confidence you have instilled in me.

- Jennifer L. Gonzales, Consumer Banker

I thought the class was fabulous. I can honestly say I haven't taken a class that was so pertinent to my job and with such great specific answers. The training materials were outstanding.

- M. Mitchell, Financial Services Representative

Thank you so much for the great, organized class. It was truly one of the best classes I have taken in a long time. The tools I learned really worked for me and the scripting was excellent. We had just been winging it.

- Jean Korzan, Financial Services Manager

I just wanted to pass along some comments on yesterday's training. I have been to three other Telemarketing classes and yours was by far the best. I came away feeling pumped and excited about what I had learned. You are an excellent motivator and made something that we all feel intimidated by seem like a piece of cake. Thanks.

- Rita Steedman, Personal Banker

Congratulations is not enough. My officers are still on the ceiling. Your seminar has already helped our bottom line. It was especially helpful to have you incorporate our products and services in your material. Please accept my thanks for a job well done.

- Raymond Chilton, Sales Manager

The officers are definitely gaining more appointments and the confidence level on phone prospecting is much higher. Your script is pinned to every partition in the office. Personally, I was impressed with your energy level. You are a true professional.

- K.A. McLaughlin, Marketing Manager

I have attended many sales courses, including two put on by Xerox, that have not produced the results we have recently seen. Your professional approach and sensitivity to our industry kept our officers more attentive then they have ever been through previous courses.

- Ed Isreal, President