Business Calling

A One-Day Workshop

In today’s market it is no longer possible to rely on referrals alone as a source of new business development. These sources may dry up or become unreliable and it takes too much time to develop a referral network in a new community. In any case, many of the quality customers are already banking with a competitor. Bankers must learn to use the telephone effectively to augment their referral activity.

If you and your staff are like most people, you would rather do anything than make a cold call. This lack of confidence is indicative of lack of training, which can create a powerful resistance to calling prospective customers.

Thankfully, a fear of prospecting can be easily overcome with hands-on training by Gehegan & Associates. Tens of thousands of workshop participants at banks and financial institutions have increased their confidence and effectiveness in using the telephone to contact prospective customers.

In just one day, our Business Calling Workshop teaches your bankers how to effectively use the telephone to secure more appointments with prospective customers.

Participants will learn:

  • Additional sources for developing targeted prospect lists
  • How to stay in control of the conversation and get the appointment
  • Eliminate the typical reflexive “NO” that stops a call from moving forward
  • How to make the gatekeeper your ally in reaching the decision maker
  • How to overcome objections such as “I am happy with my current bank,”                                                        “Send me some information,” and “Your locations aren’t convenient.”
  • Successfully deal with voicemail: Should I leave a message?
  • Why securing appointments is more than a numbers game
  • How to ask for referrals and get them
  • How to multiply your prospecting effectiveness after each appointment

On the day of the training workshop, we ask your staff to bring the names of prospects with whom they would like to get an appointment. After participants have learned specific telephone skills and have practiced them in the classroom setting, they make live calls to prospects and secure actual appointments.