Relationship Calling™

A One-Day Workshop

With alternate channels of delivery, many of our clients have experienced a noticeable decrease in branch traffic.

Research shows that building on the solid foundation of existing customers is the quickest route to new business.  These relationships can be developed easily with the proper skills and the basic tool of personal communication- the telephone.

Gehegan & Associates’ Relationship Calling Workshop will teach you and your staff the necessary skills to broaden and deepen existing relationships.  This program is designed to help branch managers and platform staff become comfortable and effective in contacting existing clients to arrange appointments.

Participants will learn:

  • How to stay in control of the conversation and get the appointment
  • How to avoid pushing products and services over the phone
  • Eliminate the typical reflexive “NO” that stops a call from moving forward
  • How to ask for referrals and get them
  • Successfully deal with voicemail: Should I leave a message?
  • Build relationships, not sell transactions

On the day of the training workshop, we ask your staff to bring the names of clients with whom they would like to get an appointment.  After participants have learned specific telephone skills and have practiced them in the classroom setting, they make live calls to clients and secure actual appointments.