Participant Feedback


Thanks so much for a great class today! I could definitely see a difference in everyone’s attitude towards tele-consulting by the end of the evening! You created excitement and enthusiasm for them all and I thank you for that. It is now our responsibility to sustain and grow that zeal!

Your delivery of the material is so engaging…I truly enjoyed watching you work. You are a true professional and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this series of classes.

Thanks again!

Karen Olson


It was such a pleasure to run into you after all these years. I have to say that the instruction I received from you was probably the single most valuable training I received in my commercial banking career. (And I’ve had excellent training.)

Bertha Romero


Want to thank you again for a great couple days with our two Long Island teams. Look forward to seeing you again in early November where we can finish up the training for the entire Northeast Capital One Business Banking associates. The continued feedback from yesterday as well as from the last two days training has been over the top positive and I can’t thank you enough for yours as well as Chris’s energy that you have given to our sales force. We look forward to seeing the inspected lists with regard to not only face to face prospects but also closed sales in the very near future.
Thanks again, safe travels, and talk to you soon.

Greg Smith

At first I was quite apprehensive but as the day continued I realized the benefit of the training. I loved the handouts with the objections and how to respond. But the paradigm moment came after my first prospect call resulting in an appointment!!
Beginning of a great year…

Diana Martinez

I wanted to thank you for today’s training at Santa Barbara Bank & Trust. I truly enjoyed your sales training and am excited to put this to work right away. Ale Dbotello

Over the past few days, I have been soliciting feedback from the participants in regards to the class. I have been overwhelmed with positive responses! I have never had such positive feedback on a training class, especially one that lasted 7 hours, involved making outbound calls to clients, and kept them there until 8pm! Don Canario

I wanted you to know that I absolutely enjoyed your presentation in Portland. I have been in sales and marketing development for more than twenty years and your curriculum and delivery was most effective and pragmatic. Jeffery Candeleria

You will find this very interesting, I just concluded an interview for a former BBS who became a BDC and is now applying for the BRM position. She said that she feels the reason she is being so successful now as a BDC is due to the Gehegan training – and that was unsolicited! When I asked her why, she said, “he removed the barriers to calling that I had” Allen Ulibarri

Thanks Chris for leading us through a great prospecting class. Gehegan is the most successful prospecting script I’ve used. Randall Beaman

I just wanted to pass on a quick note regarding the Gehegan training.
I am grateful for being given the opportunity to attend this training. As you know, I have been in this sales role for over 10 years and found this to be the best training for cold calling. The material presented was high energy, keeping everyone involved and focused, but not repetitive. Even the dreaded cold calling to prospects in front of the peers was more beneficial than I could’ve imagined.
I’d recommend this class to anyone, even if they are “experts” in cold calling. Without a doubt, this was a phenomenal learning session.

Reggie Fink

Just wanted to thank you again for coming out and facilitating your amazing prospecting techniques and helping us secure more Micro Business Appointments.I continue to hear raving reviews about the training and in fact, one of our more seasoned managers indicated that this was probably one of her best training classes she’s ever received. I know your enthusiasm, training and ongoing support will assist the team to take their prospecting calls to another level. Stacy L. Watkins

What a great job as usual. You are a master and the feedback I’ve received from our team was you helped them look at their prospecting activities in an entirely new light. Thank you for helping our team. Wells Fargo is fortunate to have a seasoned professional engage our team members and keep them on the edge of their seat the entire day. Thanks Chris. Glynda McGinnis

I just wanted to share that our training session with Chris was incredible. It was such an engaging session and I learned so much! After 13 years of sales, I figured I had heard about just about every sales technique, but I was amazed at the approach and what I learned in this session. What made the class, besides the material, was the way Chris presented the information. He kept it so interesting and really involved the entire class. Great job Gehegan and AWESOME job Chris! Mollie Anderson

In my 23 years of banking, I have both attended and facilitated many sales training programs. This is one of the most effective I have seen yet. It is simple, but results can be seen instantly. As sales people, we get so caught up in the sale. Chris was able to demonstrate the power in just setting the appointment when making calls by phone. He made handling objections seem easy. In addition to the material being effective, Chris Lovett is by far one of the best facilitators I have ever met and clearly ignored his first calling as a comedian. I look forward to reporting great results after implementing this process into my daily calling efforts. Jami Bucy

I often wonder at the mystery of how so many days, weeks, months and indeed years of our lives are wasted – time we can never get back!

The entire day spent on your Business Development workshop was fantastic and I’d do it over again or sign up for another class without hesitation whatsoever. In a New York Minute!
My heartfelt thanks to you John!

Prash Patel

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather in California! Thank you for your very motivating class while in training. It was very apparent you came prepared while being quick on your feet with any class objections. This definitely wasn’t a run of the mill course. Everyone was very engaged. Paul C

I came into the March 17th telephone skills class in Philadelphia not sure what to expect and fearing it would be the same stuff I learned in my early years of calling on prospects. I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the training, by Chris Lovett’s style and energy, and I fell like I walked away with new skills that I can immediately apply to my position. As a trainer Chris is extremely engaging and he is able to get people to participate without it seeming uncomfortable or confrontational. He presents real life scenarios, not hypotheticals, and is straight forward about how to get to the ultimate goal: setting an appointment. Christian Strange

I wanted to thank you for sharing all of the great best practices that you have developed for successful calling. Thank you for your time, the knowledge you have shared is definitely a difference maker with the way I approach my calling. Victor S.

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank your for a great class last Thursday. I truly absorbed a lot of what you discussed. Your message echoes what many folks who have had success in selling say – pick up the phone and dial. Your class was very engaging and I appreciate how you’ve taken it a step further by providing a specific strategy around what exactly to say and how to address the various speed bumps on our way to the goal of an appointment.

I will definitely recommend any of my other colleagues to take your course in the future. Thanks John!

Leo P

Thanks for teaching a great class. I’ve been in this type of role for a dozen years, have sat through many training classes, and this is the first one that addresses what sales people need – more sales coaching! You’re a great instructor and I know our team gleaned the necessary information. Mike S

I wanted to update you on the awesome training I received from you last year! I still use the Gehegan process and tweak it a little to my style, my contact and appointment rate hovers from 30-35% and expanded the tracking of appointments kept and meetings closed. Those are around 15-20%. I still have laser focus on just setting the appointment and that has led to my success closing the sale. I hope you still get to share this method as I can advocate its effectiveness. I just wanted to express my gratitude.

Ryan F.

Senior Financial Sales Advisor II

I participated in a session facilitated by Chris yesterday, and he did a phenomenal job. He kept everyone very engaged and got me excited to do something that I normally do not at all look forward to. I am sure that I will be more successful in my role after having participated in this training. I hope that I have the opportunity to participate in a business calling class in the future!

Thank you,

Susan Human

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for what I can honestly say was the BEST training I have received to date to further my sales! Your teaching style is unlike anything I have experienced in the past….it’s infectious!! The day of the training, when we all made our calls, I came out with zero appointments. Of the 24 people I called, I only got three of them on the phone. BUT, all three asked me for callbacks. One asked me to call her back the following morning at 8am. So, on my way in to work, I pulled over in my car on the expressway and placed the call with your guide at the ready. I was met with some resistance but the difference was I had the come backs! In short, I got the appointment for next week!!! What a great way to start the day! My confidence level is higher and I know that with practice these techniques will become second nature and allow me to make dials without any fear of getting tongue tied or rejected. Yesterday was day two and using your techniques, I made THREE appointments within the 45 minutes of calling I allotted myself!!

I plan on keeping in touch to let you know about the continued progress. I wish I had gone through this training years ago! Thanks John!!!


Troy Diaz

I will admit that I probably had the “worse” attitude going into the workshop yesterday. (My comment .. I hate getting cold calls .. why would I want to be the one making them .. but John embarrassingly set me straight very quickly!) AND, as I shared briefly with Sue this morning .. I was glad I did attend and that it was actually fun and productive. So … thank you .. Brigette Nichols

I’m thrilled to see how motivated the Managers are from your seminar. They especially appreciated the scripting and how simple you made the approach to reaching out to prospects and clients. Their confidence level is at an all time high, thank you! Sue Burnham

I wanted to tell you that I thought your class was very valuable and helpful for me. I’ve built my business in the past via cold calling, and feel your class was by far the most practical one I’ve attended.

I’ll be blocking away 2 hours a day implementing your practices, with the goal of getting 1-2 appts daily. I think people get intimidated by the phone, and don’t realize that in this business, 1-2 new prospect appts a day is huge. The business generated from those leads alone is enough to hit one’s goals.

David Conrad

I was a participant in Chris Lovett’s class on Tuesday, April 10, 2012, in Houston, Texas. Having many years in Learning & Development, I have three words to describe Chris’s training. Engaging, Informative & Awesome! Thanks for the experience, Brenda Tesano

Chris is the best facilitator I have ever seen – and I worked in two industries and have lots of L and D in my background! Training was exactly on point – I observed it both days. The participants loved him – we had total of total of 39 appointments. I highly recommend him!!! Jo Ann Capece

I was just speaking about the excellent results from the workshops this week. As always, Chris did a fantastic job of engaging the bankers and imparting the process. Lisa Slocum

Chris did a fantastic job during the Cross-Sell section relating the Business Gehegan coaching and connecting the dots for Branch Managers. His presentation style is not only professional, but laced with enough humor to make his audience engaged. We heard several comments on how much our Regional Leadership Team enjoyed the breakout session and that they were able to tie it back to the original Business Gehegan coaching. Additionally, Chris participated in one of our larger group sessions that morning and was able to get a great sense of where we were going as a bank.

In fact, we had one Regional Manager take immediate action that very night on Leading by Example with the calling efforts and it was a HIT with her branch teams.

We appreciate the fact you and Chris were able to work with us on the content of the presentation to align with our breakout session objectives.

Tammi Wolff

Hi Chris: Thanks for the training last week in Denver. I just wanted to let you know that you are beyond a doubt one of the best presenters/instructors that I have had the pleasure of learning from. Candidly, I wasn’t looking forward to the training at all; however, what you provided us in days time is a game changer. Thanks again for doing what you do. Jeff Johnson

I wanted to follow-up regarding yesterday’s training. Chris did an outstanding job connecting and communicating the calling process to our team. I have already received very positive comments from many of the attendees. I truly believe this was what they needed to feel empowered and confident to tackle the large volume of calls slated for the next 1.5 months. Garrett White

Best training I have been to in my five years here at BBVA! Took 30mins today to conduct outside calls and booked 3 more appointments out of 7 calls! I had one of my bankers listening in on my calls and he was blown away how fast I got past the gatekeeper! I will master this and track my success. Thanks again for a great class!! Louis Gonzalez


I was fortunate to have had the chance to study and use your guide to cold calling small businesses to schedule appointments while working as an Banker at Wells Fargo.

By reading off if your script word for word and handling any objections word for word I went from being hung up on mid sentence to having a Google Calendar filled with more appointments than I could ever handle.

This is a true testimonial, Gehegan & Associates have cracked the code of cold calling, and if you are in the business of sales and your income depends on your metrics then do yourself a favor and learn from them, buy their products. I cannot give them enough praise.

Omar Shaikh

Chris Lovett,
I wanted to say thank you for a very impactful class. I can say without exception this was the best training I have received in my bank tenure. I have been in Business Banking for over 10 years but I truly got great instruction today but a big reminder what the purpose of a sales position is and should be, Client focused service and solutions. I have been successful over my tenure but sometimes you need a refreshing look at the why? in what I am doing. The big take away is putting the discipline daily with outbound calls to clients and prospects with the practical booklets given in the class. The resources and practical application to know my demographic business area and focusing on outcomes. Chris was very engaging and I found the class to go by so quickly. I felt a renewed energy to go out and build my business and help my clients. I bought the book recommendations Chris gave and have looked closely at our advanced sales strategies at Capital One Business Banking and have applied them into my process. I found this a valuable and worthwhile class for all sales people to take. It is effective and applicable right away. I can say it has increased my client focus outcomes over 25%. Thank you very much Chris for a tremendous class.

Morris Zamora

I just attended a bank training today instructed by Mr Chris Lovett. I absolutely enjoy his class where it’s interactive and humorous while we learn the art of telephone cold calling which have been my weakness due to the fear of rejection. Now I’ve learned the technics through class exercise. The personal experience and advise shared by Mr Lovett in addition to the resource material is invaluable. Thank you and I look forward to generate great result as a BDO ! Elva Adams

A total of 41 staff went thru the two days of classes and the response was overwhelming on how more prepared and confident the team members feel when making calls to prospects.

Chris Lovett is simply outstanding! He had everyone’s attention from the start to the end of the day. After both classes every person stopped to shake his hand and say how much they appreciated the class. One staff member shared their manager said the class would change their life and she said he was correct.
That’s pretty powerful!

Kathleen T

It was an absolute pleasure taking your class yesterday. I’m sure the tools and resources provided will support my business development activity for years to come. Rhiley G.

I just wanted to share with you about yesterday’s training. First off it was probably the best training that I have been to, so thank you for sending me. I also wanted to let you know that I booked two appointments from my cold calls, one is tomorrow at nine, to talk with them about a bank at work presentation. I also have reached out to a new business owner who has opened the only tanning salon in Green River, we meet Friday. I have contacted two other local business to get a solid pipeline going for the upcoming business campaign. Aaron S.

Financial Service Representative

Mr. Gehegan, Chris taught a seminar at my company yesterday, and I found it to be nothing short of an amazing concept, process, and tool. The flip chart is wonderful. Chris is also a wonderful instructor and represents your name and your company very well. Thankful Kevin T.

Assistant Vice President